Artist & Maker Submissions

We at The Muse are always on the lookout for fresh new artists! We look for unique items that are handmade.  Due to the large number of inquiries that we receive, please use the following guidelines for submissions:

  • We look for unique items that are unlike anything currently in our inventory. We don't like to have too much overlap amongst our artists/categories (ie: if we already have two candle makers on our roster, we are unlikely to add a third). 
  • Our aesthetic is witchy, youthful, clever, whimsical and sassy, so we look for artists that fit those vibes.
  • We accept submissions via email only. Please send an email to
  • Please do not send submissions via DM
  • In your submission, please tell us a little about yourself & your creations; your retail price range, where you have sold your line in the past or currently, & why your work would be a good fit for us
  • Please include a resume, a social media/website link or submit images that best represent your work

Please note that we do not accept walk-in or in-person submissions.  We appreciate all interest in selling at The Muse; however, due to the number of inquiries we have a careful and streamlined jury process. Due to the number of submissions we receive on a weekly basis, you may not get a response from us immediately. But rest assured that we have received your submission and will be in touch. Thank you!