muse /myooz/ noun 1. A source of inspiration 2. (in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses who preside over the arts and sciences 3. Your shopping destination for handmade, local, FUNctional gifts.

The Muse is an independent, woman-owned shop featuring all handmade, American made gifts and accessories. Over half of our beautifully crafted selection is created locally!  This means that not only are you supporting a small business, you are supporting your own community of artists and finding a gift that is truly unique and one of a kind! We carry the best in jewelry, baby & kids items, home accessories, bath & candle lines, clothing, stationary and so much more!


A curated collection of our latest jewelry offerings 

Image shows the exterior of The Muse. The sun is shining and a planter filled with green ivy can be seen in front of the shop's window. There is a red awning above the window and circular decorations hang inside.

What The Muse is all about

Here at The Muse our goal is to promote independent artists & makers and foster a sense of community. Our focus is on handmade goods with a bit of fun, whimsy, style and humor. Here's a quick sampling of some of the unique items we carry. We hope you enjoy shopping with us!

  • Image is a watercolor painting by artist Obsolete World. It shows a fuzzy, green creature sitting and looking off into the distance with a pensive expression.


    We stock a variety of 2D artists, including Obsolete World, Seth Pitt, LaTosha Maddox, Courtney Prahl, Ellen Byrne, Yemi Fagbohun, Donna Ascanio, Corrine Crone and Marcy Ellis. We carry both originals and prints, so there's something for everybody's budget!

  • Image shows tan ceramic mugs with phrases such as "fresh out of fucks" and images of skulls printed on them.


    Our selection of ceramics includes a variety of styles, like Stanley Chester Albert's foul-mouthed mugs, Laura Silberman's vibrant functional-ware, and Lynn Day Brown's whimsical porcelain critters. Our ceramic artists include Kevin Hluch, Betsy Morningstar, Gwen Ottinger, Jennifer Bernhard Hatfield and Joshua Shelley.

  • Image shows two greeting cards. One reads "thanks for doing all the things", with a graphic of a swiss army knife, and the other reads "I'll keep you" with a cute graphic of a squirrel holding a nut.

    Greeting Cards

    We've got a card for every occasion! We carry a variety of greeting cards from artists including Violet Red Studio, Seth Pitt, Kat French Design, The Memorable Image and John Connors.

  • Image shows three silver necklaces, one with a brown ammonite pendant, and two with blue jasper stone pendants. the necklaces lay on a printed cloth background.


    We carry a large selection of handmade jewelry from local and national artisans, with options for every budget! Our jewelry makers include Maxi Cif Designs, Erin Pelicano, Tessoro, Trollbinde, With Roots, and more!

  • Image shows a mannequin dressed in an orange scarf, a charcoal grey t-shirt with a bunny holding a boombox printed on it, and skirt with appliqued skulls on the hem.


    Our shop carries a variety of handmade clothing and accessories, including t-shirts from Mission Thread Clothing and Aleo Design, skirts from Sardine Clothing Co., scarves from Radost by Martina Sestakova, and bags from Maruca Design and The Great Maier Mercantile.

  • Image shows three soaps lined up. The soaps are yellow, brown and blue, and the scents printed on their labels are Lemon, Haulin' Oats and Green Teese

    Bodycare & Candles

    We carry a large selection of bodycare items, including soaps, bath bombs and perfumes! We also stock a variety of candles. Some of our brands include Black Sparrow Bath Co., Mount Royal Soaps, Sea Witch Botanicals, Burke & Hare and Twindles Candle Co.

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