About Us

Located in the heart of Downtown Frederick Maryland, The Muse was opened in 2003 with a mission to create an environment that stimulates creative inspiration and supports the community and the handmade revolution!  Our carefully selected, ever changing inventory is 100% handmade with over half of the items being created locally! Monthly artist receptions, craft parties, and in-store demonstrations are designed to introduce our customers to well known and breakout artists, and to foster an appreciation for Handmade.

Giving back to our community is a top priority for us. The Muse collaborated with artist Courtney Prahl to start Lend a Hand, an annual community-wide charity art auction that has raised thousands each year for various local charity organizations. In addition, we are passionate about giving back to the global community and have held fundraisers to support various causes, including supporting women in Afghanistan and combating vaccine inequality.

We are a four time winner of Niche’s Top Retailer of American Craft Award including Best In-Store Promotion and Community Outreach as well as being chosen among the Top 25 Top Retailers of American Craft in the US and Canada.

  • Image is of shop owner, Sumner. Sumner has brown eyes and honey-colored curly hair. She wears a pink t-shirt and a brown cardigan.

    Sumner, Owner & Artist

    Sumner Crenshaw (she/her) took over the helm of The Muse in March 2020 (yup, two weeks before the pandemic hit!) and is guiding the shop into its exciting next chapter. Sumner is a practicing oil painter and has exhibited her work all over the country. When she's not in the studio or crafting The Muse's latest display, Sumner can be found reading a witchy book and snuggling with her two dachshund-mixes, Hiccup & Pudding.

    Sumner's artwork 
  • This image shows Muse team member Pam. Pam has long brunette hair and brown eyes. She is sitting in a grassy park and wearing a black and white striped tank top.

    Pam, Muse Team Member

    Pam (she/her) joined The Muse team 6 years ago! With an extensive background in retail and small business, Pam supports The Muse in all aspects and is our right-hand lady. In addition to her retail expertise, Pam is known for a colorful sense of style and for her advocacy for workers' rights and disability awareness.

  • This image shows Muse team member Kellie. Kellie wears a black t-shirt, floral button up shirt and green page-boy cap. She has blond hair and wears dark-rimmed glasses.

    Kellie, Muse Team Member & Vendor

    Kellie (she/her) joined The Muse team about five years ago! A Nashville, TN, native, Kellie's passion for sewing led her to found Sally Forth Supply Co., a brand featuring handmade, adventurous accessories. When she's not in her studio sewing or dreaming up her next creation, Kellie enjoys music and hanging out with her sidekick, Doc the chihuahua mix.

    Kellie's work