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Meditative Stitching Craft Party

Meditative Stitching Craft Party

Last night I joined forces with Heather Stang, the owner of The Frederick Meditation Center, to teach the Meditative Stitching Craft Party! We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather or a more perfect setting to hold this class.


Heather started the class off in the garden with a mantra guided meditation. We learned how to accept distractions and bring ourselves back to our breath.  We also tied it into the realization that walking and crafting among many other things are a form of meditation.

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Vintage handkerchiefs and a selection of mantras and quotes were on hand for the crafting part of the class.


After a few demonstrations and instructions on transferring text and creating the stitch, we were all ready to do our meditative stitching!


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At the end of the night, everyone left well on their way to a beautiful piece of embroidery and a relaxing new hobby!

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