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Garden Bell Craft Party

Garden Bell Craft Party

Last night was a full house craft party!  We had so much fun with Laura Silberman of Clay By Laura!  She taught us how to create a unique garden bell to add color and whimsy to our gardens. garden

We got started with learning how she creates her layered colors.  There were many beautiful colors to choose from including some metallics and sparkly pearl colors.  Everyone had fun painting and making a mess!


garden1 garden2 garden3 garden4 garden5 garden6 garden7 garden8

After the painting part was complete, we attached the chimes with wire, buttons & beads! That part was easy but took some time to put it all together.

garden91 garden96 garden95 garden94 garden93 garden92

The finished pieces…

garden993 garden991 garden99 garden98 garden97garden992

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